Lectures on the Old Testament

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For over 12 years Brother Skousen taught the Old Testament to thousands of students at Brigham Young University. Just recently discovered, this popular lecture series was recorded live in 1973-74, and is now available on 23 Compact Discs. Our thanks to Dr. Roy and Rexene Robbins of Colorado, who recorded these lectures in 1973-74, and have made them available. Each recording has been digitally re-mastered and enhanced to include 46 classroom lectures; over 30 hours of Old Testament commentary and history.

From one of BYU's most popular teachers, you will

  • The background and significance of the Creation
  • How the power of God works in the universe
  • Adam & Eve's mission on earth
  • The life of Abraham
  • Moses and his calling to lead the Israelites
  • Events of all the major ancient prophets, including:
    • The story of Jonah and the whale
    • Discussions on current events in the Middle East as they were happening
    • Updates on Church historical events in the 1970's
    • Testimony-building experiences of ancient Biblical prophets.

Through these recordings you will know and love the Old Testament!